Parados, Sucios, Rodeados

HDV 1080p, color, sound
7′14″ (version Elsa) and 9′27″ (version Balthazar)

Collaboration with Elsa-Louise Manceaux.




Parados, Sucios, Rodeados is a two-channel video installation.

Audio post production: Noé Berling
Thanks: Carlos Amorales, Michel Blancsubé, Thierry Désiré, Carolina Fusilier, Louise Kelpe, Magali Lara, Barthélémy Meridjen, Jean-Luc Moulène, Isaac Olvera, Patronato Ruta de la Amistad, Valentine Siboni, Mélanie Smith, Luis Javier de la Torre.

French title: Debouts, Salis, Cernés.

Project supported by the Helge Ax:son Johnson Foundation.

The project has been presented at the Carrillo Gil Museum (Mexico City) as part of the video program of the ”Parasitage Ruidos Negros” exhibition curated by Michel Blancsubé (2020). It has also been shown as a video installation in ”Intermedio” (see images below), exhibition curated by Cristina Torres and Laura Orozco at ESPAC (2019, MX). The version Elsa of the work has been shown in ”How to be Being” curated by Alex Clarke at Super Dakota (2017, BE).