From Sunshine to Rain


stereo audio track
14′29″ loop
installed next to the artworks storage room of Galleri Nicolai Wallner, Copenhagen
Laminated digital print with magnet backing
∅ 8.6 cm
3D printed plastic brooch with magnet backing
6.1 x 6.6 cm
each object worn during the opening by two assistants of the gallery

From Sunshine to Rain is a piece directed by Balthazar Berling.
The script was written in collaboration with Julio Reyes Montesinos.
The voices were acted by Louise Kelpe and Hanni Kamaly.
Noé Berling worked on the postproduction of the sound recording.
Grace Roy Hess and Aleksandra Bruhn-Petersen wore the badge and the brooch.


At the periphery of the gallery exhibition space, the recording of two female voices attracts the attention of the visitors. The voices are having a conversation which is intense and at the same time scattered. In the center of the social space, Grace and Aleksandra—the two gallery assistants—wear two ambiguous objects on their clothes. They take care of the guests and circulate among them. When asked by visitors curious about the objects, they say that the objects are part of an artwork and they indicate the direction to the periphery.